Including the researchers have conducted research on the company. The fraction of food are always more delicate Inflorescences. Therefore that we send the freshest orchids and the vibrant a long. Packing boxes In packing each time box Production workers Calculate the number of inflorescence or number of early that can be packed into box to be appropriate and the will notify the customer before each packing to ensure least damage to the orchid. Which is orchids put a box packing too much will make orchids much damage which is the risk that the customer must brought a bouquet and the orchids to use on the important tasks
PackageBloom/PlantStems/Plant/BoxLengthGross WeightVolume Weight

Size : L 91 cm W 35 cm H 11 cm

6 – 8 Blooms

9 – 10 Blooms

11 – 12 Blooms

1070 – 80 cms2 Kgs
2.2 Kgs
2.5 Kgs
5.8 Kgs

Size : L 53 cm W 33 cm H 110 cm
Flowering Plant6 plant100 – 115 cm8 Kgs32.1 Kgs

Size : L 130 cm W 48 cm H 21 cm
Flowering Plant20 Plant100 – 115 cms20 Kgs21.8 Kgs
Cut Flower 9 – 11 Blooms40 Plant70 – 80 cms8 Kgs21.8 Kgs
Young plats : 3.5″40 Plant70 – 80 cms51 Kgs21.8 Kgs